Artificial Nails

To those who have not heard of the possibilities for artificial nails in the beauty industry, they are missing out. While there are pros and cons to all things, synthetic nails are many salon clients’ choice. They are available in a variety of materials whether the desired effect is simply tips, or the entire nail, which is known as a “form” . Although these tips and forms can be made of everything from fiberglass to a gel like polish, three of the most common materials imitation fingernails are made from include acrylic, gel and fabric wraps.

When dealing with acrylic nails, most users fear not using a nail station they will harm their natural fingernails; however, this is a myth. The most common reason artificial nails cause damage to the existing nail is because of improper removal, infection or infrequent removal. Acrylic nails should be removed approximately every two to three months for the natural nail underneath to breathe either in a salon, or by soaking the fingers in polish remover for 15 minutes. The liquid/powder mix is brushed on and  meant to be long-term, but should be maintenanced in a professional salon every two to three weeks due to the rate the artificial nail is growing out with the natural nail. When the manicurist performs the maintenance on the nail, it is a simple procedure. He or she will file down the acrylic edge closest to the existing nail bed, then fill in with a fresh coat. If the client is looking for a more natural look, or a more sturdy nail, there are also alternatives.

One alternative long-term artificial nail treatment, gel nails, has recently become much more popular than the acrylic process. The gel itself has the consistency of polish and is brushed onto the nails in multiple layers. First, a clear base coat is applied, which is followed by the desired color. Next, the nail is brushed with a clear, top coat. Once all coats have been applied, the nails are placed under a UV light to complete the chemical process and harden. For the reaction to take place under the light, it will take approximately two minutes. Along with acrylics, gel nails need maintenance, such as filling down and being filled in, every two to three weeks as they grow out with the natural nail.They are more expensive than acrylics and occasionally shatter, however, gel nails are more natural looking, known to hold their color longer and chip less often. To remove gel nails, it is advised to return to the salon. Although, if that is not an option, soaking the fingernails in nail polish remover works as well.

Nail Stations

While long term acrylic and gel nails are beautiful, there is another type of artificial nail that is meant only for short-term; it is known as the fabric wrap. Fabric wraps are most commonly made from silk, linen, paper or fiberglass and are worn to strengthen weak nails or to support a cracked nail while it grows out. To apply the wrap, it should be done in a professional salon or with an at home kit. Once the nail has been buffed and filed, the material will be applied. It is during this application that the material is placed on the nail, trimmed and shaped. Lastly, glue is brushed on and left to dry. Removing the wraps will come with time due to the short effects of the adhesive. In less than two to three weeks, the glue will loosen itself and the wraps will fall off, leaving the nail stronger and repaired.

Artificial nails are growing in popularity, and with the popularity comes advancements in the product. While the choices were limited in the past, acrylic and gel nails are available in a variety of colors, textures and patterns. Whether dealing with a damaged nail, or just wanting long-term nail art, artificial nails are the way to go.

Why I can’t Learn how to speak Thai

I’ve been trying to learn how to learn Thai for a while now and even though they say it’s like only takes a day or something I think i’m just dumb. My 9 year old nephew read the book and can now read Thai in less than a day and yet i can not even remember one single letter seriously there must be something wrong.

I wonder how many other people have tried to learn another language something as difficult as the Thai language I’m sure is something other people have struggled with I can’t be the only idiot on the planet or am I?

I’ve tried all these memorization tricks like the one in the learn Thai in a day ebook which by the was was pretty good it really helped out other people but it really doesn’t work for me. I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to do next.

Going to classes to learn another language has always sounded like a drag to me. I mean I didn’t move to Thailand just to sit in a damn classroom. Honestly how people can come here and be English teachers is seriously beyond me. I wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the same position I’d probably end up murdering the kids or sleeping with one of the students but i’m like a total purve like that.

If you’ve ever come to Thailand then you’ll know that people speak Thai and that most of the people in Thailand can’t really speak English. I don’t know how they are going to fair in the whole ASEAN thing but let’s just hope the new generation start coming out speaking more English than the rest of the country.

How to make your life complete

Are you really bored with your life? Not sure what to do? Yeah neither did I. I spent years chasing my dream in America and it wasn’t until the crash of ’08 that I decided enough was enough and I should move to Bangkok. Why on earth would making me travel across the world to live in Thailand? Crazy right?

The reason why it’s made my life complete is because i’m no longer stuck in the cubicle and the office that made me so miserable. I don’t care how much money you pay me if you want me to show up to work at 9am every single day of my life that’s how you slowly but surely put me in a wooden box.

I honestly don’t mind working in fact it’s really good for me I enjoy challenges and if it’s not challenging then I don’t want to do it. Even though work was challenging for me back in the USA it just wasn’t enough. How can I expect to be happy if I have to show up to work every day. Really it’s not fun and then you have co-workers who are so annoying they smell or they just talk too damn much that’s when you know your life is ruined.

Thing about living in South East Asia is that you don’t need a lot of money. I used to have $15,000 dollars a month to play with now I get a tenth of that not because i’m working less but because really I don’t need that much money to live here. I can live easily in Thailand on less than a few thousands dollars a month in fact I know guys who live here on about two hundred dollars a week and still have a good time.

If you wanted to change your life like I did there are a number of things you need to do:

  • Stop thinking it can’t be done
  • Believe that you can do it
  • Seek advice from people who have already done it

I promise you once you start asking around about how to make your life complete then you know what you must do. If you like wild parties getting blotto on the beach then Thailand is probably the number one destination for you because you can have it all.

There are also some really cool islands to go to if you wanted to but me I prefer the mountains in the north or the crammed people everywhere mammoth of Bangkok it’s a great city and if you like to party and have a good time this is where it’s done.