Best escort service in Bangkok

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All those adolescents that are least aware of intricate aspects of sex, could actually be in a position to learn a lot from this exotic females that have gained years of experience in the sexual activities with multiple individuals. It is why they knew quite a lot about sexual practices in general. Moreover, they are well aware of the sensitive parts of the body and the positioning of certain vital nerves and nerve endings in both males as well as the females. This knowledge will be greatly helpful in the seduction arts.

Along with this if you learn certain important books such as the Kamasutra, you are certain to gain high proficiency in sexology. There are plenty of uses if you gained adequate knowledge in the trade. If not exaggerated, you can be truly satisfy your partner at the least. Married life will be delicious when both the partners are equally satisfied in their sexual activities.

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A Sassy Soapy Massage Complex in Downtown Bangkok

Emmanuelle Massage seems to be just another soapy massage parlour to visit in Bangkok, but this is without a doubt one of the better joy castles where you can relax and enjoy that special moment. The parlour is situated on Ratchadapisek Road.

Emmanuelle is nearby to the Emerald Hotel in an upscale entertainment complex at 55 Ratchadaphisek Road, which thus is located just a little towards the north of the downtown metropolitan area of the city. The road runs parallel to Viphavadi Rangsit Road towards the east and extends northwards from the end of Asok Road (Sukumvit Soi 21) to Lad Phrao Road.

When you enter the building and take the stairs towards first floor then you will find some young Thai girls waiting to give you an awesome experience of soapy massage that you can’t forget in your whole life. It is usual to get overwhelmed when you see inside the fish bowl. So to settle down nicely, you can order a strong drink to settle the nerves. Apart from this you will also notice that the place where the girls are on display is somewhat brightly lit so that the customers can have a look on the pretty girls more clearly if watching from a position of safety. Happy Endings Massage Bangkok are easy to come by around here if you ask properly.

It is very easy to make a choice of the girls there as numbers are displayed on a round plastic disk which is pinned to the dress, which the girls are wearing. It’s a million dollar question to think upon that what would be the cost of massage here with one of the girls. Well, it really depends upon the girl you choose. Here the standard rate of a girl who has perhaps been here for a year or two would be around 2000 Baht subject to some conditions like her high or low season or how pretty or not  the girl is. However the prices tend to fluctuate. If you are choosing a VIP model girl then it could cost you anything morethan 3000 Baht. If you feel that price is too high then either you can take this up with management or you can take a walk to Nataree Massage Parlour near to Emmanuelle Massage Parlour.

It is easy to get there by taxi as most of the taxi drivers know this area. The parlour is to your left on Ratchadapisek Road when you travel there by taxi from Sukhumvit. If you are using a taxi to go to the Emmanuelle massage parlour, one of the eminent landmarks over there is Thailand Cultural Centre with two lesser ones being that of the Carrefour supermarket and the Home Pro shopping centre. Also various nightclubs and pubs are in the area.

Apart from this you can even take the MRT underground subway to Huai Kwang Station, then exit at gate no. 3 and walk straight ahead for eighty metres approximately.

Last but not the least, there are several more massage parlours to enjoy in this area viz Caesars Entertainment Complex, Poseidon Entertainment Complex, Copa Cabana Massage Complex, Subway Massage, Hi Class Entertainment Complex and Colonze 2 Massage Parlour etc.

Choosing A Lawn Mower: Reel Vs Rotary Mower

Given the continuous advent of capitalism, one fundamental aspect of our materialistic life is the huge range of options. From the basic cup of coffee to a complex machinery like a lawn mower, the scope and variation are, at times, absolutely mind-numbing. In that situation, how do you decide what options to choose from? As we have reiterated time and again, the budget and the efficiency of the lawn mower continue to be key factors.

Another important aspect is the features of a mower. No talk about the features of a mower is complete without a mention of the reel and rotary mowers. While rotary mowers provide a far more even cut, reel mowers are a lot easier to push around. Well here is a quick review of the key features of each type and I am sure this will surely help in letting you arrive at a decision and work out the most cost and energy efficient deal for yourself. The electric lawn mower will actually be discussed in another post.

Rotary Mower: The Top Features   

  • Quality of Cut: Regular users would agree with me that a rotary lawn mower provides a far more event cut and the attach bag even collects tree leaves, twigs and other debris that might be lying around. The lawn is literally vacuum-cleaned and has a neat and tidy look with all the grass at a uniform level.
  • Enhanced Reach: Given the extended blade swings even behind the normal wheel tracks, it is possible to even tend to the adjoining fencing, tree-trunks, flower beds and even the ground covers in your garden using this type of mower.
  • Motorized mowers: However a rotary mower almost inevitably means that it will be mechanized and will be accompanied by a lot of noise and vibration. Needless to mention it gives off various environmental pollutants like carbon dioxide and needs gasoline or oil to run on most of the times. Though you have electrical and battery generated options too but they can’t be termed as completely green either. Moreover, the battery operated ones often need their batteries to be replaced quite often and turn out to be rather an expensive proposition.
  • High Speed: Though a high-speed mower can be termed as a major advantage in terms of mowing, but often it is a safety hazard too, especially for your toes which are at proximity with the blade.

Reel Mower: Primary Features

  • Lightweight: One of the most striking features of the modern reel mowers is that unlike their past cousins, these are relatively lightweight avatars and designed in a way that they can be pushed around easily than even a powered rotary mower.
  • No Pollution: Reel mowing never exposes you to unnecessary nose, annoying vibration and breathing in harmful gases emitted by the rotary mowers. It is clean, quiet and a significantly more environmental friendly option to clip your lawns.
  • Scissor Cut The Grasses: The technique that a reel mower uses is called scissor cut and what it does is to cut the grasses in a far cleaner way as compared to the rotary cut which simply whips them. As the scissor-cut clippings go back to the soil, the nutrient content of the soil naturally improves.
  • Clipping Wet Grass: Given the technique that these mowers use, it is possible to clip them even in a wet condition quite unlike a rotary mower which will clog and lead to uneven clipping in wet grass.

Trampling Woes: Many reel mowers have a roller that unnecessarily tramples the grass giving it an unfinished, shabby look even after a session of clipping and mowing. You inevitably get a ridged lawn even after a tedious mowing session.

A Simple How-To- Workout Guide for the Average “Lazy” Joe

For workout buffs who believe in intense and physically demanding workouts, the lazy man’s workout guide is more of a bad joke than anything else. However, this workout guide is intended for those lazy people out there who want results but are too busy to exercise or might not have the time or the patience to hit the gym or the jogging trail.

Below are some takeaways that you can use if you find yourself in such a situation.

However, before we begin, it is important to highlight why you should exercise.

Exercise, in essence, no matter how little is very important. Besides the common excuse of it being good for your health, it has immense psychological effects as well. The first one is that you feel very good about yourself and your appearance. At one time or another, we have tried one of those bodybuilding posing routines that we have seen on the T.V or on the internet in the mirror. In addition, it improves your overall sexual health and performance. If you are also interested in increasing your self esteem and sex drive, you should also consider learning how to do kegel exercises.

So what to do about time?

The common excuse that people use is that they lack adequate time to train or get into a routine. However, there are 24 hours in a day and you have ample time than you realize to get off your behind and do something.

To get started on the exercise regime, it is important that you find a chunk of time that you are absolutely free and dedicate yourself to it no matter how small it is.

Getting started

The cliché ‘a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step’  applies very well to getting started on exercising. To this end, you must have a checklist from which you know the parts to get started with.

For starters, get comfortable with using stairs and stop using the elevator.

When parking your car, you should park it at a distance from where your office is. If you are at the mall, make sure you park it on the furthest corner that will get you walking.

Food! Eating the wrong type of food means that you expose yourself to something that will hinder your overall progress. Ensure that you get rid of one cheat food from your diet. It could be chocolate, pizza, or even soda.

Get off your bum at work and only sit at your computer when you are working otherwise move around and do some jumping jacks or body squats. Take some time off the chair and move around.

Finally, do not eat the junk food from the vending machine. Carry your own veggies, nuts and fruits if you feel the need to snack.

The Workout

Below are a few workouts that you can get started with.

Jogging and some resistance training. Jogging will loosen up the leg muscles and make you feel lighter in the process. In regard to resistance training, you have to exercise major muscle groups first and it means focussing on compound movements like squats and presses.

Go for the scorcher. This means that you progressively lower the rest period as you move on in the workouts. This means that you do some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that you can feel the burn when training. This will include working the speed bag with timed periods of intensity ranging from moderate to high with high being very short. You can incorporate short sprints while you are jogging as a form of HIIT.

Closing Thoughts

If you are lazy, get off your behind and get going. As you start working out, you will become more dedicated and likely spend more time devoted towards training. When you get started on exercising, you will find that you will be more into it and it will become part of your daily routine as well.

Remember, it is important to listen to your body when you feel like stepping it up.

What is the best duration to leave an air mattress inflated?

Al though this may look like a simple question, a lot of air mattress manufactures do not provide an in-depth analysis on the best duration to leave an air mattress inflated. In this article, we will look at some of the best practices that will not wear out your mattress.

Air mattresses have evolved over the years from the simple blow-up air beds to the very latest raised mattresses. They are made to fit every lifestyle from friends’ sleepovers to more elaborate special occasions like a camping excursion.

Now back to our discussion, the truth of the matter is there is no set of rules when it comes to leaving your air mattress inflated. The only factor that you may need to consider is how you intend to use the mattress.

What do you intend to do with the air mattress?

Do you plan to use it for permanent daily use or for emergencies for guests? If you intend to use it for long term daily use, then you will need to leave it inflated for a longer period. The main disadvantage of this is the fact that it exposes the mattress to puncture. The risk of a puncture is higher if you have children or pets around the house.

What to expect if you Continually Inflate and Deflate Your Portable Air Bed

It is imperative to note that a lot of inflating and deflating the air mattress will cause some wear and tear on it. Anytime you pump air in the mattress, you put a lot of stress on the seams that hold it together. Over time this will wear out the seams, which will make it unable to hold air for a longer period.

What are the cost implications?

It all depends with your choice but most likely there will be additional costs if the air mattress seams fail and you may need to buy a new mattress. Other costs associated with it are pump batteries especially if your mattress does not have a built-in air pump and you depend on batteries to operate the pump.

Removing air bubbles from the mattress

Air bubbles in the mattress could be as a result of small holes in the air mattress. These bubbles are uncomfortable to sleep on; the best way to tackle this is by removing them as soon as they appear. The simplest way to go about this is through placing your hand on the air bubble and applying pressure. Keep pushing down until the bubbled is popped.

The other option is to unscrew the nozzle on the air bed and release a little air from the mattress. Press down on the bubble repeatedly until it disappears.

In conclusion

There are no rules concerning the duration you have to leave your air mattress inflated and deflated. This may only be bared by its location if it can become easily damaged. Air mattresses do not have any requirements as to when they need to be deflated or inflated. However, one factor remains and that is the fact that however durable and strong the mattresses may be, they will occasionally lose some air over time.

Artificial Nails

To those who have not heard of the possibilities for artificial nails in the beauty industry, they are missing out. While there are pros and cons to all things, synthetic nails are many salon clients’ choice. They are available in a variety of materials whether the desired effect is simply tips, or the entire nail, which is known as a “form” . Although these tips and forms can be made of everything from fiberglass to a gel like polish, three of the most common materials imitation fingernails are made from include acrylic, gel and fabric wraps.

When dealing with acrylic nails, most users fear not using a nail station they will harm their natural fingernails; however, this is a myth. The most common reason artificial nails cause damage to the existing nail is because of improper removal, infection or infrequent removal. Acrylic nails should be removed approximately every two to three months for the natural nail underneath to breathe either in a salon, or by soaking the fingers in polish remover for 15 minutes. The liquid/powder mix is brushed on and  meant to be long-term, but should be maintenanced in a professional salon every two to three weeks due to the rate the artificial nail is growing out with the natural nail. When the manicurist performs the maintenance on the nail, it is a simple procedure. He or she will file down the acrylic edge closest to the existing nail bed, then fill in with a fresh coat. If the client is looking for a more natural look, or a more sturdy nail, there are also alternatives.

One alternative long-term artificial nail treatment, gel nails, has recently become much more popular than the acrylic process. The gel itself has the consistency of polish and is brushed onto the nails in multiple layers. First, a clear base coat is applied, which is followed by the desired color. Next, the nail is brushed with a clear, top coat. Once all coats have been applied, the nails are placed under a UV light to complete the chemical process and harden. For the reaction to take place under the light, it will take approximately two minutes. Along with acrylics, gel nails need maintenance, such as filling down and being filled in, every two to three weeks as they grow out with the natural nail.They are more expensive than acrylics and occasionally shatter, however, gel nails are more natural looking, known to hold their color longer and chip less often. To remove gel nails, it is advised to return to the salon. Although, if that is not an option, soaking the fingernails in nail polish remover works as well.

Nail Stations

While long term acrylic and gel nails are beautiful, there is another type of artificial nail that is meant only for short-term; it is known as the fabric wrap. Fabric wraps are most commonly made from silk, linen, paper or fiberglass and are worn to strengthen weak nails or to support a cracked nail while it grows out. To apply the wrap, it should be done in a professional salon or with an at home kit. Once the nail has been buffed and filed, the material will be applied. It is during this application that the material is placed on the nail, trimmed and shaped. Lastly, glue is brushed on and left to dry. Removing the wraps will come with time due to the short effects of the adhesive. In less than two to three weeks, the glue will loosen itself and the wraps will fall off, leaving the nail stronger and repaired.

Artificial nails are growing in popularity, and with the popularity comes advancements in the product. While the choices were limited in the past, acrylic and gel nails are available in a variety of colors, textures and patterns. Whether dealing with a damaged nail, or just wanting long-term nail art, artificial nails are the way to go.

Why I can’t Learn how to speak Thai

I’ve been trying to learn how to learn Thai for a while now and even though they say it’s like only takes a day or something I think i’m just dumb. My 9 year old nephew read the book and can now read Thai in less than a day and yet i can not even remember one single letter seriously there must be something wrong.

I wonder how many other people have tried to learn another language something as difficult as the Thai language I’m sure is something other people have struggled with I can’t be the only idiot on the planet or am I?

I’ve tried all these memorization tricks like the one in the learn Thai in a day ebook which by the was was pretty good it really helped out other people but it really doesn’t work for me. I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to do next.

Going to classes to learn another language has always sounded like a drag to me. I mean I didn’t move to Thailand just to sit in a damn classroom. Honestly how people can come here and be English teachers is seriously beyond me. I wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the same position I’d probably end up murdering the kids or sleeping with one of the students but i’m like a total purve like that.

If you’ve ever come to Thailand then you’ll know that people speak Thai and that most of the people in Thailand can’t really speak English. I don’t know how they are going to fair in the whole ASEAN thing but let’s just hope the new generation start coming out speaking more English than the rest of the country.

How to make your life complete

Are you really bored with your life? Not sure what to do? Yeah neither did I. I spent years chasing my dream in America and it wasn’t until the crash of ’08 that I decided enough was enough and I should move to Bangkok. Why on earth would making me travel across the world to live in Thailand? Crazy right?

The reason why it’s made my life complete is because i’m no longer stuck in the cubicle and the office that made me so miserable. I don’t care how much money you pay me if you want me to show up to work at 9am every single day of my life that’s how you slowly but surely put me in a wooden box.

I honestly don’t mind working in fact it’s really good for me I enjoy challenges and if it’s not challenging then I don’t want to do it. Even though work was challenging for me back in the USA it just wasn’t enough. How can I expect to be happy if I have to show up to work every day. Really it’s not fun and then you have co-workers who are so annoying they smell or they just talk too damn much that’s when you know your life is ruined.

Thing about living in South East Asia is that you don’t need a lot of money. I used to have $15,000 dollars a month to play with now I get a tenth of that not because i’m working less but because really I don’t need that much money to live here. I can live easily in Thailand on less than a few thousands dollars a month in fact I know guys who live here on about two hundred dollars a week and still have a good time.

If you wanted to change your life like I did there are a number of things you need to do:

  • Stop thinking it can’t be done
  • Believe that you can do it
  • Seek advice from people who have already done it

I promise you once you start asking around about how to make your life complete then you know what you must do. If you like wild parties getting blotto on the beach then Thailand is probably the number one destination for you because you can have it all.

There are also some really cool islands to go to if you wanted to but me I prefer the mountains in the north or the crammed people everywhere mammoth of Bangkok it’s a great city and if you like to party and have a good time this is where it’s done.